All characters start off their new adventuring careers with a certain amount of equipment, items that they have already acquired during their previous activities. This equipment and all the money the character has are called the character's trappings. Each Career Class has a set of general trappings as described below.

Warriors are equipped with a suit of sturdy, practical clothing, including hooded cloak and boots. They carry a sling bag, backpack, or sack containing: a pewter tankard and cutlery, a tinderbox, and a blanket. Warriors carry some sort of hand weapon, usually a sword, but players may choose an axe or a mace if they prefer. A knife is also carried, tucked into the belt or boot. A helmet is worn for protection. The character also has a purse containing 3D6 Gold Crowns.

Rangers wear a suit of good but weather-worn and travel-stained clothing, including a tatty hat, hooded cloak, and thick leather boots. A leather bag or backpack contains D3 blankets, cutlery, a tinderbox, and small cooking pot. A flask of water hangs over one shoulder, whilst a hand weapon hangs from the belt - this is usually a sword, although the player may choose an axe instead if he wishes. A small knife is carried in a sheath. The character has a purse or money belt containing 3D6 Gold Crowns.

Rogues begin the game wearing a suit of sturdy, if rather worn, clothing, including boots or shoes. The character carries a knife tucked into a belt or boot and a well-secreted purse containing 3D6 Gold Crowns.

Academics have a suit of decent, light-weight clothes, including sandles or soft shoes. A knife is carried, tucked in the belt, alongside a purse of 3D6 Gold Crowns.

The trappings on a character's first career are the weapons, tools, and equipment they already possess, but the trappings on all future careers are suggested items (sometimes absolutely mandatory) to fulfil the requirements of the career's tasks and skills.