This skill is unusual, in that it is used mainly in the acquisition of other skills. A character with the Scholarship skill is highly proficient in finding and assimilating information and can reach a higher level of expertise in intellectual matters than a character without it. In game terms, this skill works as follows:

A character with this skill may take a knowledge-type skill (i.e. one which affects Int tests) a second time. Each time the skill is taken, it must be paid for with experience points in the normal way and a skill may not be taken twice from the same career. The effects of the skill are cumulative - for example, if a character has the Theology skill twice and must make an Int test where the Theology skill gives a +10 modifier, then they gain a +20 modifier instead.

A character with this skill also gains a +10 modifier to all Int or I tests when trying to gain information from written sources - for example, when searching a wizard's library for a vital document or the formula of a potion.