Plague Of Lice
Spell Details
Spell Level Elemental 2
Magic Points See below
Range 24 yards
Duration 1D3 turns
Ingredients A vial of blood with dry skin stirred in

This spell may be cast on an individual or group within the caster's line of sight and not more than 24 yards away. It is a low-power variant of the level 4 elemental spell Summon Swarm, and causes the target(s) to become afflicted with lice. They begin to itch terribly, and must make a WP test. Those who fail will instantly stip off their armour and scratch frantically, counting as prone for the length of the spell. Those who succeed suffer a penalty equal to -20 to all tests while the spell lasts. The lice vanish at the end of the spell's duration.

When this spell is cast on an individual, it costs the wizard 2 MPs. Cast on a group, it costs 4 MPs but it will automatically affect everyone in the group, whether they are friend or foe.

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