Characters with Pick Lock skill can attempt to pick a lock using a special lock-pick tool or an improvised tool made from wire, a small knife, or something similar.

All locks have a Lock Rating of up to 100%, which is subtracted fron the character's Dex characteristic to give the chance of success. The higher the lock raing, the more difficult it will be to open the lock.

A successful test indicates that the lock has been opened. Up to 3 unsuccessful tests can be made with the same character, after which all further attempts will fail automatically. Each attempt takes the equivalent of 1 round or 10 seconds.

Characters can acquire the Pick Lock skill more than once, giving them pick lock modifiers of +10, +20, +30, etc. The modifier is added to the chance of success.

Characters without Pick Lock skill should be allowed one attempt at a lock, with a -30% penalty.