Characters with this skill can minister to wounded characters in two ways. In the field, they can provide first aid - binding wounds, staunching blood, and so on - which will have varying effects, depending on how seriously wounded the patient is. The character providing the treatment must make a successful Int test. If the patient is lightly wounded, treatment takes 1 game turn and restores 1D3 W points. If the character is heavily wounded, treatment still takes 1 game turn, but only 1 W point will be recovered. However, the character can now be considered to be only lightly wounded. Note that only one treatment may be performed until the character suffers further damage. It is not possible to use this skill to aid a heavily wounded character and then treat the now lightly wounded character again in order to restore further W points. If the patient is severely wounded and losing further W each round, the characters may only stop the bleeding and prevent further W loss. This takes 1 combat round and further attempts may be made as long as the character lives. The patient does not recover any W points, however, and will still die unless successfully treated by a character wtih Surgery skill within 24 hours.

This skill may also be used to accelerate the recovery of lightly wounded characters. The character using the skill must make an Int test with a bonus of +20 and, provided that they are in attendance for at least half an hour each day, the wounded character will regain a number of W points equal to their T each day. Even if the test is failed, the patient will still retain a number of W points equal to 1/2 T.