Embezzling is a very useful skill to have, since it allows the character to acquire sums of money seemingly from nowhere.

If placed in a job which involves contact with money, the character can employ this skill. The gamesmaster should test against the character's Int to establish whether the character is successful. A successful embezzler 'acquires' D6 Crowns and always escapes detection or, at worst, cannot be suspected. If the test is failed, nothing is acquired and the character may be suspected. If the attempt fails by 40% or more, the crook is caught red-handed.

Characters can attempt to embezzle as often as they like. If they embezzle more than once per day from the same place, each successive attempt is subject to a disadvantageous test modifier: -10% for the second attempt that day, minus -20% for the third, and so on.

The gamesmaster should adjust the amount of money available to suit the precise context of each attempt. A character embezzling from a state treasury could acquire much more than D6 Crowns, whilst a poor shop-keeper might only be good for D6 Shillings. This skill may only be used when a character is employed in a job which involves handling money.