Characters with this skill get on exceptionally well with animals and receive their trust for some reason. Domestic animals with an Int of 10 or more will be affected as soon as they approach within 12 yards of the character. They will respond by wagging their tails, mewing, purring, or acting in a similar friendly manner and - unless restrained by a leash, tether, fence, or something - will start to follow the character around.

Simple verbal commands can be given to any animals with an Int of 5 or more, as long as they are within 12 yards. A test against the animal's WP must be made to determine success. These commands must be very basic, such as 'Follow me', 'Halt', 'Go away', etc. Characters may also attempt to influence animals threatening or attacking them. In this case, the animals might obey a simple 'Go away', but they will show the character no outward signs of affection.

The gamesmaster can enliven the proceedings by having charmed animals constantly trailing the character, turning up unexpectedly, getting in the way, and generally making a nuisance of themselves.