This section gives you all the details of Chaos attributes or mutations (the terms are almost interchangable), which can be gained by the followers of Chaos. All those affected by Chaos attributes are referred to as mutants, regardless of whether they are Daemons, Champions Of Chaos, Chaos Spawn, ordinary Chaos servants, or whatever.

The Personal Attribute table uses a D1000. This is similar to a D100, except that three ten-sized dice are rolled. A result of '000' is always read as 1000.

It is quite possible for a creature to gain a Chaos attribute more than once. When this happens, you can ignore the duplicated attribute and generate another result from the table. Alternatively, you may decide that the attribute has somehow become enhanced or altered by its repeated appearance. Many duplicated attributes are straightforward: Multiple ArmsMultiple Heads, and the like can be easily repeated, giving the mutant a large number of arms, heads, or whatever. Other attributes may be a little more complicated and require some thought. In general, any 'improvement' in an attribute should do no more than double one of its effects or improve one effect. For example, a mutant which Spits Acid twice could have super-strong acid (S 6 instead of S 3) or a range of up to 20 yards, but not both.

Rememeber that if a creature's IntLdCl, or WP drop to 0, they will degenerate into a Chaos Spawn.

Fractional CharacteristicsEdit

Some attributes give a +½ to a characteristic (usually T) or divide characteristics. This can result in profiles with, for example, T 4½ or T 2½. Fractions should be retained unless you are told otherwise, but they have no effect on play. The characteristic is rounded down to the nearest whole number; a mutant with T 2½ is treated as having T 2 until it gains another attribute which raises T to 3.

Fear PointsEdit

Attributes are the unnatural mark of Chaos, the sign that the Chaos gods have been at work, changing and warping to their own unclean ends. As a result, many normal living creatures are deeply uneasy in the presence of anything or anybody tainted by Chaos. The more a creatures is changed, the more unease and loathing is caused by its presence. This is measured in fear points.

Each attribute has been assigned a fear point value, listed on the table and repeated in the relevant description. You should keep track of the fear points that a mutant has accumulated as its profile is changed by its Chaos attributes. The total reflects the horrific appearance of the creature and determines the psychological effects that the mutant causes in those who encounter it.

Often a mutant will cause psychological effects in its own right, without considering the fear point effect of attributes. The are in addition to or replacement of any effects caused by accumulated fear points.

Fear Points Effects
-1 to -5 Reduce any fear effects caused by the mutant, due to its rediculous and unthreatening appearance.
0-4 No effect.
5-10 The mutant causes fear in all living creatures. The mutant itself is immune to fear, except when this is caused by Daemons or deities.
11-15 The mutant causes terror in all living creatures and is immune to such effects except when caused by Daemons or deities.
16+ The mutant causes terror in all creatures other than Daemons and deities. It is immune to such effects except when they are caused by Greater Daemons and deities.

Personal Chaos Attributes TableEdit

D1000 Personal Attribute Fear Points
001-005 Acid Excretion 1
006-010 Additional Eye 1


016-020 Albino 0
021-025 Alcoholism 0
026-030 Atrophy 0
031-040 Beaked 1
041-175 Bestial Face 1
176-180 Beweaponed Extremities 1
181-185 Big Ears 0
186-190 Bird's Feet 0
191-195 Black Skin 1
196-200 Blood Rage 0
201-210 Blood Substitution (3)
211-215 Breathes Fire 1
216-220 Brightly Patterned Skin 0
221-225 Bulging Eyes 0
226-230 Burning Body 3
231-240 Chaos Lord variable
241-250 Chaos Spawn variable
251-260 Chaos Were 2
261-270 Cloud Of Flies 0
271-280 Cloven Hooves 0
281-285 Cowardice 0
286-290 Crest 0
291-305 Crossbreed 1
306-315 Crown Of Flesh 1
316-320 Crystalline Body 2
321-325 Dimensional Instability 0
326-330 Duplication two totals
331-335 Elastic Limbs 0
336-340 Enormously Fat 0
341-345 Enormous Noise 0
346-355 Evil Eye 1
356-365 Extra Joints 0
366-370 Extremely Thin 0
371-380 Eyestalks 1
381-390 Fangs 1
391-395 Fast 0
396-400 Fear Of Blood 0
401-405 Feathered Hide 0
406-410 Featureless Face 1
411-415 Fits 0
416-420 Flaming Skull Face 1
421-425 Furry 0
426-440 GM's Choice variable
441-450 Growth 1/2/3
451-455 Headless 1
456-460 Hideous Appearance 10
461-465 Hopper 0
466-475 Horns 1
476-480 Horrible Stench 0
481-485 Huge Head 1
486-495 Hunchback 1
496-500 Hypnotic Gaze 0
501-505 Illusion Of Normality (1)
506-510 Invisibility (2)
511-515 Iron Hard Skin 1
516-525 Irrational Fear 0
526-535 Irrational Hatred 0
536-540 Levitation (2)
541-550 Limb Loss 0
551-560 Limb Transference 1
561-565 Long Legs 1
566-570 Long Neck 0
571-575 Long Nose 0
576-580 Long Spines 1
581-585 Mace Tail 0
586-590 Magic Immune 0
591-595 Magic Resistant 0
596-600 Magician 0
601-605 Mane Of Hair 0
606-610 Manic Fighter 0
611-615 Manikin 2
616-620 Massive Intellect 0
621-630 Mechanoid 2
631-635 Mercreature 1
636-640 Metal Body 3
641-645 Mindless 0
646-655 Moronic 0
656-665 Multiple Arms 0
666-675 Multiple Heads 1
676-680 Multiplication (3)
681-685 One Eye 0
686-700 Overgrown Body Part 1
701-705 Pin Head 1
706-715 Plague Bearer 1
716-720 Pointed Head 0
721-725 Poisonous Bite 0
726-730 Powerful Legs 0
731-735 Prehensile Tail 0
736-745 Pseudo-Daemonhood 5
746-750 Puny 0
751-755 Quadruped/Biped 0
756-760 Rapid Regeneration 0
761-765 Razor Sharp Claws 0
766-770 Rearranged Face 1
771-775 Regeneration 0
776-780 Resilient 0
781-790 Rotting Flesh 1
791-795 Scaly Skin 1
796-805 Scorpion Tail 1
806-810 Short Legs 0
811-820 Shrink -1/-2/-3
821-825 Siamese Twin 1
826-830 Silly Voice -1
831-835 Silly Walk -1
836-840 Skull Face 1
841-845 Snake Tail 1
846-850 Spits Acid 0
851-855 Strong 0
856-860 Suckers 1
861-865 Tail 0
866-880 Technology 1
881-885 Telekinesis 0
886-890 Teleport 0
891-895 Temporal Instability 0
896-920 Tentacles 1
921-925 Transparent Skin 3
926-930 Uncanny Resemblance 0
931-940 Uncontrollable Flatulence 0
941-945 Vampire 2
946-950 Vividly Coloured Skin 0
951-955 Walking Head 1
956-960 Warp Frenzy (5)
961-965 Warty Skin 0
966-970 Weapon Master 0
971-975 Wings 1
976-985 Zoological Mutation variable
986-000 Invent your own variable

GM's ChoiceEdit

The mutant receives any one Chaos attribute of the gamesmaster's choice. You may allow the player to choose, if you wish. If you do not want to choose a mutation, simply re-roll this attribute.

Invent Your OwnEdit

Feel free to develop any Chaos attributes that you think are interesting. The list presented here is far from exhaustive and you may like to add further sub-tables of Chaos attributes that can be given to mutants.

If you do not wish to design any mutations of your own, ignore this result and roll again.

There are many possible extra attributes. For example:

Beast with a Thousand... - The mutant is covered in one thousand eyes, mouths, ears, or whatever. A thousand mouths, for example, give the mutant D6 bite attacks...

Blob - The mutant becomes a huge amoeba-like creature, without any recognisable limbs or organs. In the process, it loses all A except a single stomp and T drops to, at most, two or three. However, the blob becomes so bulky that its W are trebled - or increased to an even greater degree! The blob can also regenerate.

Centauroid - The mutant's lower body becomes four-legged, but this need not be horse-like!

Electrical Touch - The mutant always causes damage when it hits an opponent.

Trance - The mutant falls into a trance state and moves D6x2 yards in a random direction when put under stress.

Wound Thief - The mutant gains the W of any creature it kills, but its opponents can gain the mutant's W if they kill it.

Zombie Master - The mutant may animate, control, and lead the corpses of those it has slain for a year and a day.

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