Characters with this skill may cast magical spells appropriate to their career and mastery level.

This skill must be acquired (at the normal cost of 100 EPs) at each level of each career. Thus, a level 2 Wizard, for example, who has not yet acquired the skill Cast Spells: Battle Magic Level 2 may not cast any level 2 spells. Furthermore, characters are not required to learn 2 spells of each level before they may progress to the next higher level or change to another magician career.

Priest Cast Spells SkillEdit

In the Cleric and Druidic Priest Advance Schemes, the Cast Spells skill is listed at each level and must be acquired before characters may cast any spells of their current level. The skill is listed as as either "Cast Spells: Clerical" or "Cast Spells: Druidic". In the case of Clerics, they may cast a mixture of many different types of magic, depending on their particular religion, and thus the Arcane Language skill (gained at Level 1) applies to these types of magic. For example, a 2nd level Cleric of Mórr may cast Petty Magic and Necromantic Magic and knows Arcane Language: Necromantic Magick. Druidic Priests, on the other hand, are able to cast Petty Magic, Battle Magic, Elemental Magic, and Druidic Magic - but do not know any Arcane Languages other than Druidic.