Bind Elemental Slave (Ritual)
Spell Details
Spell Level Elemental 3
Magic Points 10
Range See below
Duration See below
Ingredients See below

This spell is used by elementalists to create a familiar, using whichever element the elementalist wishes to bind into the familiar. This ritual cannot be learned, but must be performed while referring to the correct scroll or book. However, Experience Points must be paid the first time the spell is used, just as if the caster was learning the spell. Subsequent castings (as long as the book or scroll is present) do not require further EPs to be used.

To make a familiar, the caster must first collect the required material, which should be laid out on the ground, out of doors, in the rough shape that the familiar is required to take, but no more than 1 foot long or broad. The familiar's final form will be set when the conjured spirit animates these items. The following list gives ideas for the sort of materials that would be most suitable:

Earth: Living rock, chiselled from an outcrop or stratum deep underground by the person who will cast the spell.
Air: Stones gathered from the summit of a mountain at least 3000 feet tall by the person who will cast the spell.
Fire: Cooled lava from an active volcano, or coal collected from the depths of a mine by the person who will cast the spell.
Water: Stones gathered from the bed of a river at least 20 feet deep by the pserson who will cast the spell.

The construction should be done near to the element required - underground for earth, in a windy place for air; by a bonfire for fire; by a stream or river for water. The elementalist must stay in this outdoor spot for three days, communing with the elements and meditating on the familiar to be created. During that time the caster may not eat, and may drink only water. The player must make a WP test each day to see if the elementalist successfully concentrates on the meditation. If one of the rolls is failed, the elementalist must spend an extra day meditating; if the roll is failed by 30 points or more, the entire process is a failure and must begin again with a new set of materials. If the elementalist stops during the construction process for any reason then the process must be started again with a new set of materials.

Once the meditation is complete, the elementalist must spend a whole waking day (16 hours) performing the spell to bring the familiar to life. During this time nothing other the spell itself can be done; however, the caster may rest for five minutes every hour. When performing the spell, the elementalist must chant the necessary words, make gestures, and perform certain ceremonial dances. Any interruption by anyone else during this period will mean the whole process is ruined, the materials must be discarded, and the wizard must begin again from scratch.

At the end of 16 hours, an elemental will be drawn into the body the elementalist has made. An elementalist can summon any variety of elemental to animate the familiar, but a specialist elementalist will invariably choose their favoured element. The familiar will sit up, look round, and see its potential master. At this point the GM should make a Fel test for the spellcaster, but not tell the spellcaster the result. The result of the roll is as follows:

Success: On a successful test, the familiar will walk forward, touch the elementalist's hand, and become a companion for life.
Failure: On a failed test the familiar is nervous. It must make a Cl test; on a success it will reluctantly come toward the elementalist, who may make another attempt at a Fel test. On a failed Cl roll, or on a second failed Fel test, the familiar will flee the elementalist, and on getting more than 10 yards away, will return to its native element (earth, air, fire or water) and scatter or dissipate. If this happens, the ritual must be performed again, starting with the collection of new materials.
99-00: On a roll of 99-00, the elementalist has had a disaster, although doesn't yet know it. The familiar has been animated by a minor Chaos spirit, which will appear to be friendly but will have its own agenda. It will do everything in its power to make things go wrong for the elementalist while appearing to be helpful.

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